Gadgets for the gaffer

Kupo is a leading world brand providing a wide range of versatile grip equipment.

Our Kupo collection includes convi clamp, chain clamp, grip head, fish pole, and a variety of light stands.

Bulbs and filters

Don't look far for your consumables need on set. We supply bulbs and LEE filters.

Call us for all bulb requirements including HMI, Blonde & Redhead, Tungsten Fresnel, U-flo and Kino Flo. Check our filter stocks, and we will undertake to import any specific colour or effects flter you need.

We support Sri Lankan show business

It is sunny days now for Sri Lankan cinema and broadcasting industry. The future looks brighter than ever. We are in show business too, but we focus on the equipment so that you can focus on the talent.

Now you can purchase quality lighting and grip equipment in Sri Lanka. Check our stocks and compare the prices before looking overseas. With our direct imports and low-overheads business model, you cannot miss a bargain.

We trade. We rent.

ABC Crane 100 for the elevation

Raise your elevation with German technology. Our ABC Crane 100 is the ideal quick-assembly jib for the difficult terrain as well as the constrained in-door scene. With long, medium, and short versions of jib arm assembly, it is a versatile quick-change artist you camera crew would love.


We stock open-face, tungsten fresnel, u-flo, and LED lights from quality world brands. We serve your specific lighting equipment requirements with competitive prices and minimal lead time.

Try the new Falcon Eyes LED light with variable colour temperature and save your gels and the hassle. Power it with V-lock battery for light on the go. Call us for more.

For all sales and equipment rental inquiries, call 0778800940

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Durable batteries

Power your professional video camera or LED lighting equipment with durable VECT Li-Ion batteries. We stock V-mount and Gold-mount versions.

Stand for your light

We have a variety of light stands in stock.

Try the 6m tall air-cushioned stand by Falcon Eyes shown below. Call us for more.